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We Create Beautiful Spaces.


We help Businesses and Home Owners create beautiful spaces.
At Distinctive Spaces, we design stunning spaces that help businesses
boost employee productivity and customer loyalty.
Our products and services help Home Owners create nurturing and
welcoming spaces with happy memories.
Are you ready to create your beautiful space…


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Distinctive Spaces consists of 4 companies, namely Distinctive Silks, Vertical Gardens, Distinctive Pots and Distinctive Interiors.

Obviously, Distinctive Silks focuses on all things silk – meaning silk trees, silk plants, silk green walls, silk flowers and pots/plant containers.

Then Distinctive Interiors encompasses all things interior – from interior design, wall papers and paints, curtains and blinds to fabrics and furniture.

With over 25 years experience in the design and creative industries, we deliver a wealth of originality and innovation with a fresh unique approach to design projects. We are led by a strong team of creators, all of whom strive to reach beyond the ultimate design goal of our valued client.

We offer designs that will not only add value but will also add an air of magical mystery to your space. Your environment should be an exquisite reminder and pure reflection of your own personality, dreams and creative aspiration.

Distinctive Spaces puts the “wow!’ factor into everything we set our hands to. We take the design elements of your building into account and transform your surroundings into a powerful yet harmonious and balanced environment, creating an ambiance with impact!

Simply put…..We Create Beautiful Spaces for you.

It is all about design for us! Being in the design world for the last 25 years, we always try to understand your environment and match the right products for your space.

Due to our passion for interior design, you are guaranteed of the most creative plant design for your home or office.

Your space has to reflect your personality and it must enhance your living area. By nature, we are all “biophillic” which simply means that we want to connect with nature. We bring the outdoors inside to help fulfill that need.

Here at Distinctive Spaces, we create beautiful spaces.

The Company works hand-in-hand with designers and decorators, from concept stage through to completion, facilitating creative input and allowing for smooth and prompt installations.

Products offered include fine quality, realistic looking silk products, a complete range of preserved palms and conifers and a stunning container range.

Distinctive Spaces provides creative input, expert advice, a professional and personal approach, a full back-up service, prompt deliveries, customer satisfaction and a thorough cleaning and maintenance service.

Our client base includes the top 4 hotel groups, several blue chip head offices, many superb theme restaurants and homes of the ‘rich but not so famous’. We provide truly superior silk products and landscaping services to all our valued clients.

The Company specialises in tree forms and accent planting with silks, achieving a realistic and attractive end result. Nearly all the casinos and entertainment complexes in South Africa have had Distinctive Designs involvement as well as several Dubai hotels and palaces.

Distinctive Group puts the “wow” factor into everything we set our hands to. We take the design elements of your building into account and transform your surroundings into a powerful yet harmonious and balanced environment, creating an ambiance with impact!